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How online panels work


How Octopus Group is different?

The way online panels work is simple, companies want people like you to fill out the their surveys so that they can find out what people think about their product or service.

There are a number of panel companies in Australia. We actually have the greatest number of panel companies compared to our population than any other country in the world. That means the available surveys are spread across the different panel companies.

So the average Australian joins a number of these panels hoping to increase their chance of receiving a survey.

If a panel company can't find enough people to fill in a survey, they reach out to other panel companies for assistance. Remember, panel companies are all doing the same basic thing, they invite their members to provide opinions on behalf of their client and then reward their members for their time.

Since Octopus Group offers the highest rewards in the market (by far!) we have a reputation as the group with lots of members eager to complete surveys with genuine opinions.

By becoming an Octopus Group member exclusively, as a group, you maximise the chance of receiving more of the surveys available in the market. Also you will typically receive 80% to 400% MORE cash for completing a survey with us than you would by being a member of any other panel, even completing the same survey!

Join the revolution! Use your precious time wisely and only complete surveys with Octopus Group but this time maximise the reward for your time.