More cash for your time

People who have been members of other panel companies have told us they are frustrated by the amount of time they put into completing surveys and the little rewards they receive in return.

Octopus Group is fixing that.

On average, we are offering between 80% to 400% more cash rewards than any other panel company in Australia and New Zealand. That's right, getting paid more cash for your time and opinions than anywhere else.

Show me the money!

Octopus Group rewards its members with real cash, we decided against points systems as they hide the true value of your rewards and if you don’t want cash we find ways to get you the best deal on your purchases.

Octopus Group members can deposit their cash rewards directly into their own savings account! All you need is as little as $20 to make a deposit. There is no limit on how much or how often you can make deposits. We also offer cash rewards for attempting a survey and then being screened out.

Cold Hard Cash
All you need is as little as $20 to make a deposit. There are no additional fees, no maximum limits on how much or how often you can transfer to your nominated bank account.

Electronic Gift Cards
Octopus Group makes your cash go even further by offering you gift cards for less than the card value! There is no catch, you only pay what we get them for. Octopus Group makes your cash go even further by offering you $20 gift cards for only $19.20! (Who else proactively looks out for your best interests!?)

So, now you can now use your cash to purchase eGift cards to all your favourites stores for less.

Note: Current available cards my differ from example image below.
Octopus Group Gift Card

Want to be charitable?
Through the e-Gift card redemption you can also use your rewards to donate to a charity.

Remember that we offer you far greater cash rewards compared to the market, that means you are able to earn your cash rewards faster and redeem more often.

The more surveys you complete the more money you can earn. Get in quick, surveys fill up very fast, so install our App or check your email regularly for our survey notifications.

How can you maximise the reward for your time?

Simple! Just do the following:

  1. You’ll need to become a member of Octopus Group exclusively. This will mean that Octopus Group is more likely to receive survey projects from companies wanting your opinions.
    This will maximise your opportunity of receiving a survey invitation.
  2. Complete surveys you receive from Octopus Group. Octopus Group reward on a set per minute scale that is significantly greater than all other panel companies. This will mean that you receive 80% to 400% more value for your time.
    This will maximise the cash reward for your survey time.

Join the revolution, use your precious time wisely and maximise your cash rewards.